Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Break!!

What Did I Do This Winter Break!!
What did I do this winter break….well I didn’t do much this break except hang out with friends on week days and goof off and waking up my mom at two o’clock in the morning other than that I really do all that much.
On the first day of winter break I went over my friend Colton Shaw’s house then from there we went back to my house a played video game...Oh yeah I almost forgot we also drank something that’s not “school appropriate” but ill leave out what we had to drink wink, wink. Ha, Ha.
On Christmas Eve my family and I went to Salt Lake City to my dads house and when we got there I was tackled by a over weight dog that I didn’t even know ha, ha just kidding I know the dog. Anyways when we got there we ate dinner, yummy home cooking. Me, dad, and my brother Anthony watched college football in the living room and talked about me and my brothers problems with the law my dad just told us to stay out of trouble until court is over.
On Christmas Day my family and I went over to my other older brother Kris’s house from breakfast and there we played games, watched movies, and opened our gifts. On New Year’s Eve I went on a date with a girl that I meant awhile ago and that’s as far as I will go with that I’m leaving out all the good parts wink, wink ha, ha.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Holidays and More!!!!

Holidays and More!!!

Holidays brings families together to send their gratitude and thanks to the holiday cheer. My family and I on holidays spend all day together, watch movies, and play games. Some of the best times that I had was with my family, over the years we made so many memories together its hard not to picturing my family not there. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES MOM!!!!
Every Thanks Giving my family and I hold a Turkey Bowl. Turkey Bowl is a backyard football game. We have been having a Turkey Bowl for a couple of years now and it has been the funniest time ever. At last years Thanks Giving Turkey Bowl, one of the funniest games ever, I was chosen to be quarter back, my team was losing we down by three so we needed one more touchdown. I dropped back my older brother was coming over the middle and my other brother was going on a corner post. My brother Anthony who was going over the middle was blanked by cousin who was covering him but Kris my other brother who was on the corner post was kinda open but his defender left a slight open window for me to put the ball in. Kris but on a stop and go move to free himself, by this time both of my cousins was coming on a blitz so I had no more time to throw the ball but I got the pass off to Kris the pass was off but even though the pass was off it was in a place were only Kris can catch the ball.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My first time at Utah State Fair

I remember my first time at the Utah State Fair. I was about five or six and my family and i went to the state fair. It was going fine, until two hours at the fair, when I turned around for a second and then turned back around when I show that my family wasn't there. I was so scared that I couldn't find my mom, brother and sisters. Everything was fine when the staff at the fair pulled up in thier little gulf cart and took me to the lost and found where they gave my lunch and candy, oh it was the best time ever,

Thursday, November 6, 2008

What makes a good friend?

What makes a good friend? A good friend is someone that will help you through the trials and tribulations that you will face in your life. A good friend is someone that you can go to if you need someone to talk to. A good friend is like a secondary brother or sister. You can go to your sister or brother anytime you want. A good friend is someone that you can trust and love, that is not a gay or lesbian reference, you can love your friends even you are male or female that just shows that you care about them. You make new friends everyday but not all your friends can be trusted there is always that one good friend that you can trust. Choose your friends wisely, pick the good friends not the bad friends that can get you in trouble with your parents but worst with the law. If your good friend be trusted, show your true feelings, and don't get your friends in trouble with the law or with their parents. Even you dont know the person be a good friend lend your hand out to them because you dont know what they have been through or been. What makes a good friend? Every little thing that you do will make you a good friend or a bad friend. If your a good friend dont drag your good friends down.